Operational Resilience

Register Compilation

A compilation of the registers that you may require for your business, including, breaches, complaints, Gifts & Hospitality, Data Protection and more

Registers Risk Analysis Checklist

A checklist to ensure that you have all the required registers and risk assessments to evidence a robust compliance framework

Condition 2.4 Appropriate Resources Assessment

A review of your Threshold Conditions based on the activity of the business, both financial and non-financial over the last 12 months and taking into account any future activity you may need to consider implementing due to circumstances known at the date of completion of the report

Business Continuity Plan & Impact Analysis

A review and Plan of your Business Continuity and the processes, products and/or services that are crucial to keeping your business running and understanding the implications of their loss on a short, medium and long term basis

Management Information Template

A record of regular review and record of your management information, and identification and analysis of any trends and resultant actions

Responsibility Table

A record of the various responsibilities within the business, and to whom these are allocated