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Eddie Johnson, Managing Director of Isis Insurance Services, explains why he decided to upgrade from Westinsure to Select, and reveals his business goals for 2019.

Tell us about the history of Isis Insurance Services – how did you get started?

I’ve been in broking since I left school, which I’m sad to say was back in the 1980s! I worked for two large brokers for many years, until I made the decision that running other people’s businesses wasn’t the best way to make a living, and set up on my own in 2005. It doesn’t feel that long since we formed the business so it’s strange to think that it will be 14 years in May since we opened the doors. I’ve always enjoyed insurance broking – I enjoy insurance and I still enjoy working with the people in the industry.

What have been the biggest milestones for your business?

We originally traded from Wilmslow, in Cheshire, for 10 years and grew the business from nothing – we started with an empty office and no clients. Once we’d built the business up to a reasonable size, one of the biggest milestones was moving into Manchester city centre. That was a massive catalyst for the growth of business; we saw it double in size in the first two years following the move and the ability to recruit a high calibre of personnel has had a huge effect. We were very lucky that we didn’t lose any of our original team when we made the move over to Manchester, though a few people have moved on during the years since.

What are your key business goals for 2019?

What we’re doing now is working well for the business, so we want to continue with our strategy and continue to grow the business. Most of our new business comes through recommendations so as always we want to make sure that we’re looking after our customers. We’re not looking to double the business or gain another 50 employees, but we do want to maintain our steady growth and achieve somewhere between 15-20% to match what we achieved in 2018.

What were the main benefits that made you decide to upgrade from Westinsure to Select?

It was the financial benefits that attracted us the most – though the membership costs are higher, being part of the Select tier also rewards us more financially. Another draw for us was that two of our biggest partner insurers are on the Select panel. The new level also helps us cement our relationship with Allianz, which is really important for us. Fintan, our Strategic Account Manager, helped hugely with the migrationfrom LV= to Allianz. We were ahead of the game early on and that was down to him really. We’re very satisfied with our membership because we’ve been able to benefit from the added value that Fintan can provide. 

What’s next for Isis Insurance Services?

We’re a pretty simple business and we have a successful model, but we’d like to branch out and try some new ideas. We’re looking to diversify our product suite in 2019 by offering a range of new ancillary products that will both enhance our reputation as a specialist in our field, and also provide real value for our customers. While wanting to sell more ancillary products into our client base, I’m a big believer in adding value – we want to maintain the valued relationship we have generated over the years with each of our customers. Its early days but we’re also looking to develop some new products into different areas of the market too. 


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