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Monday 28 September 2020 Integrating with Bishopsgate

CLM has been collaborating with Bishopsgate since the start of the year and if hadn’t been for Covid-19 we would have been much further down the road with our plans. Ardonagh’s purchase of Bravo means we can push ahead and, subject to the FCA granting Change of Control, look to bring the two businesses together.

Monday 28 September 2020 Market news

For this edition of Cover Notes I wanted to give you an idea of some key areas where I believe CLM will be able to assist you win business over the remaining months of 2020. These are areas where we know we have support from the market and are well placed to deliver for you.

Monday 28 September 2020 Return to London

We’ve worked remotely for some six months now and due to the phenomenal support of you our agents, not only have we traded successfully, but we have grown our book of business significantly.

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