RSA’s SME phone lines re-opened

24 March 2021

RSA have announced that their phone lines have re-opened for new and existing business above £1,000 premium. Acknowledging that speaking directly to an underwriter is often a priority, their Live Chat service continues to offer a quick and easy way to trade all size premiums and is available on RSA Online and Acturis.

New and existing business

For Business Combined (new business only)

For new business enquiries over £1,000 premium, but under £5,000, please use the Live Chat facility. If the premium is over £5,000, RSA are unable to proceed with the enquiry.

For existing business referrals including MTAs and renewals, regardless of premium, please use Live Chat.

All other products

For new and existing business referrals, including MTAs and renewals, regardless of premium, use the Live Chat facility.

What products can I Live Chat about and from which platforms?

If you have one of the following products included within a deal, you will be able to talk to RSA via RSA Online. Please initiate from a Policy Number or Quote Reference:

Business Combined, Shops and Office, Properties, Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels, Mini Fleet, Tradespeople and Homeworkers

For New and Existing Business over £1k premium

For new and existing business referrals over £1k premium, where there is a level of complexity, you can discuss it with one of RSA’s underwriters. Please use the following dedicated telephone line:

0345 878 0071

  • Press 1 for Business Combined
  • Press 2 for Property Owners
  • Press 3 for Shops, Offices & Pubs / Hotels / Restaurants
  • Press 4 for Tradespeople and Homeworkers
  • Press 5 for Mini Fleet

Please note that any calls relating to cases under £1k premium will be referred to the Live Chat facility.

Non e-traded SME policies

Please use the dedicated phone lines above.

Non SME queries

Please use the following e-mail address: where your query will be passed to the appropriate team.     

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