Ecclesiastical policy update: changes to temporary cover enhancements

18 January 2021

As we find ourselves in a third lockdown and the pandemic continues to develop, we’re in regular discussions with our Insurer Partners. Please see details below from Ecclesiastical around updates to their policies:

We’ve responded where needed to help brokers and clients navigate this period of uncertainty. To help provide clarity, here is how our cover will respond moving forward. 

It is important that clients once again take all the necessary steps to secure their property. At the same time, we recognise that many people are still working from home, while employers put in place new operational models. 

We have therefore updated the temporary cover enhancements we previously applied as follows.


1)    Employees working from home

The automatic temporary cover enhancement applied (at no additional charge) in respect of Employees working from home, including contents taken to an employee’s home, is being extended until 31/03/21. Prior to the expiry of this deadline we will review this further to consider if further extensions may be required.


The following enhancements were only introduced for the duration of the English national lockdown period that ended on 2/12/20. These have therefore ceased and, for the avoidance of doubt, do not apply in respect of any tiered restrictions:

2)   Properties which are temporarily closed due to COVID-19

The dispensations previously applied to properties temporarily closed ceased on 2/12/20, at which point all original policy terms will come into immediate effect.

If there has been any material change in the use or occupation of the premises, please notify us in accordance with the policy conditions.

3)   Suspension of compliance with risk improvements, periodic conditions and maintenance conditions

We suspended the deadlines to comply with risk improvements, as well as other policy terms requiring regular maintenance and inspection, where these could not be complied with due to the COVID-19 outbreak and national lockdown.

This suspension finished on 1/12/20 and all such terms re-apply from 2/12/20.

Please click here for full details of this change

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