Aviva launching new broker website

21 October 2020

Aviva’s broker website is evolving. Inspired by broker feedback, their next-generation broker website is lauching soon. Hear from Aviva below and discover what’s new today…

Over time, things evolve to be better. From the typewriter to laptops and tablet devices, from rotary telephones to the powerful smartphones we carry today. A website is no different. That’s why, inspired by your feedback, Aviva’s broker website is evolving.

Developed with you, for you, Aviva’s new website has been designed to meet your needs today, and in the future. We listened to what you’ve been telling us, we involved you in the development and testing process and soon, we’ll launch the new intuitive website to make it eaiser for you to intereact with Aviva.

What’s new?

  • You told us that Aviva Broker was difficult to navigate. Our enhanced navigation makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • You wanted a website that could be used from anywhere. The new website will be fully optimised for use on mobile and tablet devices.
  • Finding documents is now quicker than ever before with our new Document Library.
  • You didn’t want distractions. To make it easier to access the services you need, the ‘My Services’ homepage is available once you log in. From here, you can start a quote on Fast Trade, access E-Documents and Collections and find your claims contacts.
  • We know it was difficult to see information clearly. The new website has a clean and professional design that’s uncluttered and fuss-free.

Take a look today:

Speaking about the new website, Karen Jackman, Director of Regional Brokers at Aviva said “I’m extremely proud of this website and the work that’s gone into developing it to make your route into Aviva simpler and more intuitive, whilst ensuring you have access to all of the support that you need.   Whether it’s finding what you need more easily, an ability to use the site on-the-go, trading without distractions or seeing information more clearly – it’s been built with you in mind and the changes made are based on the feedback you’ve given us over the years.”

“Not only is the website better for you, it also allows us to move at pace to deliver content and updates quicker than ever before.  I’m excited for the new website to go live. I believe that this will improve your digital experience of dealing with Aviva I and can’t wait to hear your feedback.”

Investing in digital now for the future

“The new website is a step-change in our digital capability” said Maria Crockart, Digital Trading and Automation Director at Aviva. “We’re committed to investing in our digital solutions to make it easier and more efficient for you to deal with Aviva – whether it’s through our website, Fast Trade or one of the software houses.”

“We’ve invested a lot of time and resource to get this right. Whilst the benefits it’ll launch with are a huge improvement from where we are today, the true benefit of the site lies in the future opportunities. The website will continue to evolve and improve. Whether it’s new features, service integrations or refinements to the user journey and experience. This isn’t just a new look and feel.”

“Like Karen, I’m excited for you to start using the new website as we continue to review how we can make it even better in the future.”

Some important information

We’ll confirm the exact launch date of the new broker website in the coming weeks.

For now, we’d recommend you start to familiarise yourself with some of the important information available:

  • In our migration guide, you’ll find essential information for how to access the website for the first time, as this will be different whether you have an existing Aviva Broker account or not.
  • You can also view the comprehensive FAQ document. This details where to find what you need on the new site and has an important update on our ‘Property and Rebuild Contents Calculator’ and ‘Electrionic Notification of Loss’ features

Stay tuned for more updates shortly.

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