Return to London

28 September 2020

We’ve worked remotely for some six months now and due to the phenomenal support of you our agents, not only have we traded successfully, but we have grown our book of business significantly.

In the light of the latest Government announcement, we wanted to clarify our plans going forward.

The reality is that the announcement has not really changed our stance. We are still working remotely, with offices available if necessary and if safe to do so. As you would expect, the safety of our staff is of paramount importance to us. The majority of staff travel to London by train and that still poses the highest risk and the hardest to manage.

We had no immediate plans to open the Lime Street office to full capacity before the Government announcement last week. We were, however, preparing our offices so that we could meet underwriters face to face on occasion, when needed so risk assessments have been carried out.

Key to any return to London in the future will of course be whether our underwriters return to their London offices and Lloyds. So far, we have seen few underwriters return and Lloyds was still pretty much deserted. Most underwriters are continuing to trade successfully remotely, and this will make up the bulk of our method of trading to the end of the year and beyond.

It’s hard to predict what will happen, but it’s increasingly likely that most London operations will not see anything more than the occasional visit to London offices for the rest of the year. Remote working will, no doubt, play a major part of working lives going forward too.

As a business we need to be flexible and prepared to react to any changes, but we will do it safely and cautiously.

Paul Montgomery, Broking Director

Ewen Brown, Sales Director

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