CLM protects hard market service levels with three new hires

28 September 2020

There can be little doubt about it, that we are now well into a hard market cycle. Previous hard markets have been short lived, but with the effects of Covid-19 and a global recession it’s unlikely that a sudden return of capacity to the market will happen to reduce the diminishing appetite of some underwriters.

As a result, more business is coming into London and both enquiry and order numbers reflect that. At CLM, we like to be proactive, and service is key. As such, we have made three new hires and I am pleased to welcome to following new faces to the team:

Josh Lincoln has joined the Motor Fleet team to support the New Business function, focusing on preparing market presentations and broking.

He’s due to be joined very shortly by Max Sudworth, who joins us in October, making the jump from underwriting to the fleet renewals broking team.

On the Property and Casualty team we are looking to finalise the addition of Rebecca Andreetti, an experienced underwriter, who again wants to make the change to broking. Rebecca will be with us in September.

Welcome to the team!

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