Update on how RSA is managing service interactions

24 September 2020

We have all faced some significant challenges over the last six months as the country has moved between office and home working. It’s fair to say, our Partner Insurers initially found this transition challenging, but it has been of paramount importance to us and them, that they provide the level of service we know you expect and need, as soon as they could. 

Following feedback from the recent Press Play sessions, we would like to update you on how RSA are currently managing their service interactions with Members. The update below outlines what they are currently working on to achieve a “business as usual” operation:


RSA are working hard to resume pre-lockdown service levels, and report that they are close to achieving this.  Now that they are out of peak renewal season, this should continue to improve over the next few weeks. However, the sales teams currently continue to triage New Business cases as they are presented. RSA aim to deal with New Business and Service enquiries within 48/72 hours.

Etrade Livechat

To speak to RSA, brokers should use their Livechat facility which will be expanded in the next four weeks to include motor and professional and financial risks, which is great news, with their capacity continuing to increase. RSA aim to have 50% of staff “chatting” by the end of September, meaning current delays in accessing the chat facility will be reduced – phone lines remain closed however, but further reviews are planned to switch this service back on. 

The optimal time to use this chat facility will be between 9.30am – 11am and after 3.30pm – these are usually the quieter periods. You can also email sme.extranet@uk.rsagroup.com.


Operationally, RSA are stable and achieving SLAs and report that the claims team are operating effectively.

Contact details for RSA can be found on their website, https://www.rsabroker.com/contact and we will continue to work with RSA, and all of our Partner Insurers, to ensure we keep you updated. 

If a case refers or a question needs to be asked, there is info available on RSA broker and we’re also working on a set of FAQs for your referral.

If you have any issues as a result of the current service situation, we are able to use our relationship with RSA to get things prioritised for you and as always, if you have any specific questions or queries relating to our Partner Insurers, please raise these via your BDM.

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