Does your business suffer from ‘Leadership Perception Gap’?

13 August 2020

Steve Middleton, Senior Business Engagement Manager at Engagement Multiplier, explains why understanding your employee’s perceptions of their business leaders matters even more post-COVID-19.

What is the leadership perception gap?

The Leadership Perception Gap is the difference between the perception company executives have of the effectiveness of their organisation’s leaders, and the perception of their employees. When these two perceptions differ too greatly, the resulting gap represents a real impediment to the successful execution of company initiatives.

Why?  It’s simple. If the employees have a poor perception of their leadership – whether that means their direct managers, department leaders or the executive team – they are less likely to trust them, take their direction or support their decisions. Additionally, a team in this state is probably also experiencing a degree of disengagement, meaning their enthusiasm is low and they lack the feelings of pride and ownership that are catalysts for the above-and-beyond efforts which power business success.

Why is it important to address this in a post-COVID-19 world?

Leaders are already quickly evolving for the post-Covid-19 era, with challenges including:

  • Adjusting to distributed teams – permanently 
  • Adopting new and much faster change approaches to change management 
  • Recognising that work has changed forever, and prioritising collaboration, flexibility and accountability 

Attempting to achieve the above with the presence of a Leadership Perception Gap can be particularly problematic.

Complete the Leadership Perception Gap Scorecard

Through your Network membership, we would like to provide a range of tools and guidance to help your business to re-emerge stronger post COVID-19. These are completely free of charge with no obligations or hidden costs.

I will discuss further tools and resources at your dedicated webinar on 26th August, but to give you a flavour I wanted to offer access to our Leadership Perception Gap Scorecard. This tool allows for focused self-reflection and is a great exercise to complete with your team.

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2pm, 26th August

Steve will take a deep dive into the Leadership Perception Gap and provide you with free resources and practical actions you can take to avoid ‘the gap’ and at the same time,  improve energy, focus and alignment in your business.

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