Beyond broking: going above the call of duty

3 July 2020

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus has drastically impacted our everyday life. It has been a period of some of the lowest lows, however it is the human spirit that has prevailed, with many people going above and beyond to help others.

Brokerages may be perceived as only being there to help find the right level of cover for their clients (which, of course, they do). However, brokers are at the heart of their local areas; they are trusted advisors who help their customers come what may. This has been highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, as brokers across the UK have been pulling out all the stops to make sure their clients and communities are safe and well.

Among those going beyond the call of duty are Compass members and brokers who use our Compass London Markets facility – here are just of a few of the stories we’ve been hearing.


Providing an open floor for support

For Spencer Hayes it started with putting their clients in touch with the right people that sparked the need for an online forum. During the crisis, the brokerage’s team have among many things helped a client source hand sanitiser; lined up people who lost their jobs with work opportunities; volunteered at a charity for carers, becoming a trustee; as well as employees offering their personal vehicles to a local recruitment company for anyone needing transport to get to interviews.

Marc Kirker, Development Director, explains, “I’ve witnessed some fantastic support and completely selfless acts, which makes me extremely humble and proud to be a part of this true business community. It transpired that a large portion of this has been passing people and companies to other people or companies who can help.

“We’ve all been working around the clock to help and support as many people as we can, but it proved a difficult and extremely time-consuming task, therefore we decided to see if there was a better solution for all. From this, I had an idea and our forum was ‘born’ – by creating this it makes it much easier for everyone to navigate between different areas of specialism. People can post in the sections where they need help and others can respond with offers to help accordingly.”


Acts of kindness

Dobson & Hodge is celebrating 100 years since it was founded this year and, to mark the anniversary, a centenary team was set up. The group has committed to carrying out 100 acts of kindness during 2020, which during lockdown has been donating items for causes in need, including a gift of craft books for the Doncaster branch of charity Changing Little Lives, which helps people facing challenging times to make positive changes; a package of dog food, equipment and toys for the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary at Bawtry; a parcel of food and essential items for two food banks; and a collection for Wheels of Hope, a small charity which helps children in India.


Helping those in real need

Our Compass London Markets team have helped brokers who have been supporting their clients as they’ve had to adapt their cover to change to the new landscape. One broker contacted CLM about their client who had closed their hotel due to the lockdown, however the building was needed by the local authority to temporarily house asylum seekers. CLM presented the broker with quotations from two insurers that they could show to their client, allowing the brokerage to continue to provide their customer with support, as they looked to offer a temporary home for people needing shelter.


Essential information all bundled up

Being part of a network has allowed Compass members to arm their clients with extra resources to assist them as they have found their feet in this ‘new world’.

Managing Director of A J Insurance, John Kemp, says that the Coronavirus Information and Guidance pack has proved “really useful” as he has shared it with his clients. He adds, “In times like these, this is where I need the support from business partners around me and Compass Networks is vital in this regard. The support Compass has given to its members is what they have needed as a broker.”

This is a sentiment that Ray Harris, Operations Director at C&C Insurance Brokers, shares. He says, “The white-label packs that we have received have been a great resource to refer to and have helped with sharing information to both our people and clients. These are the types of things that we would find it difficult to pull together if we weren’t part of a network.”

We’d love to hear your stories of how you have been helping your clients and communities – share them by tagging us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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