BIBU Motor & Farm Combined renewals – support from the wider group

18 May 2020

As your network, we wanted to ensure you were made aware of a change in rates on BIBU Motor policies and Farm Combined policies. We are aware that you may have received communications from BIBU directly, however because we’re conscious that these changes could have caused challenges with your clients we wanted to make doubly sure we offer you the assistance you require.

The rise in rates has been put in place to ensure the long-term performance of the account, but the team at BIBU understand the questions this change could trigger and they have been working to find alternative solutions.

BIBU has the benefit of multiple capacity offerings within its wider Group, and as open competition exists among its three agricultural MGAs the team are therefore able to arrange for Rural to automatically issue alternative quotes for your BIBU renewals. This option is available for renewal of all Motor policies and Farm Combined policies; for New Business, please follow existing processes.

Your TOBA with any one of AIUA, BIBU or Rural allows you to automatically do business with all three MGAs, reducing the administrative burden at a time of internal pressure from Covid-19.

If you are happy to accept an indicative quote from Rural Insurance, please contact your dedicated BDM or email the Geo Rural team directly on

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