Member of the Month: Jo Waters, Land Based Underwriters

19 February 2020

After joining Land Based Underwriters (LBU) only a year ago, Development Manager Jo Waters reveals that she has already grown the company’s book of business significantly, with the help of Compass.

LBU was founded 12 years ago, following new environmental laws that came into effect. Since then, the firm has built up its reputation and is now recognised as a leading supplier of environmental impairment cover, providing a unique online quote and bind service for brokers. Jo joined the business 12 months ago, “I have 16 years’ experience in underwriting, having started out as a Commercial Underwriter with Ecclesiastical in 2004,” she says. “Becoming part of the LBU team was too good an opportunity to miss – I was looking for a role that combined underwriting, which I love and have the knowledge of, and managing relationships with brokers.”

LBU’s aim is to provide brokers with advice and guidance about the importance of Environmental Liability Insurance, which they can then pass on to their clients. After only a year with the company, Jo is already helping LBU to achieve its goal; in 2019, she was instrumental to the firm doubling its books and working with 26 new brokers. And, she has no plans of slowing down, Jo is aiming to double the books again this year with the help of Compass. “Joining the network has really made a difference for us, and without a doubt the main benefit for us is having David Mumford as our BDM; we have received no end of support from him. He had a brokerage himself, so he brings an understanding of broker’s needs to the table,” she says.

Jo adds, “David has been key in helping us to build relationships with other Compass members – he has been able to identify and put us in touch with brokers who would be a great fit for us, so the conversations tend to be really positive. To have the backing of Compass strengthens our connections with brokers, as the team is trusted.”

For Jo, it has not only been the doors that Compass has opened for them that has made an impact, but how LBU’s BDM David has gone above and beyond. “He has set up conference calls and even learnt about our products to allow him to confidently discuss our offerings with other members,” she says. “We have a Small Farm and Smallholders policy with Aviva and David was able to arrange an important meeting with them, the outcome of which was Aviva agreed to let us clear some referrals ourselves. This in turn made the process quicker and slicker for brokers and their clients. David also put us in touch with the Head of Marketing at Aviva, who was able to give us some great advice on how to improve our marketing strategy.”

Another “huge benefit” for the LBU team is the Annual Conference, which unlocks further opportunities for them. “We are able to meet a number of brokers from all over the country to discuss our offerings and educate the insurance world of the importance of providing Environmental Liability Insurance,” adds Jo.

This year, LBU is focusing on launching several new online products, which Jo says will make transactions quicker, easier and more convenient for brokers and their clients, so watch this space. “We hope to start working with more Compass members as the year progresses to allow us to build the account that we already transact with,” Jo concludes. “Working with us is hassle free; all we need is an email address and members can be provided with access to our online products within minutes.”  

If you’d like to get in touch with LBU, please speak to your BDM.

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